Professional Dating: Why you should date a software engineer

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Reason 6 – He’s empathetic

Your programming date has spent a lot of time developing software for his users. This involves understanding the users and knowing what they want and what they don’t like. And because of this, he’s probably attained a high level of empathy. He’s totally going to get why you sometimes behave all weird and will think twice before doing something that might affect you in a not so nice way.

Reason 7 – He’s patient

Your programmer date has also spent a lot of time dealing with the worst kind of customers and users, trying to build a product that would satisfy all of them. While that is never going to happen, he will be patient enough.

Reason 8 – He’s rational

Combined with being empathetic and patient, your programmer date is also extremely rational. After honing his problem-solving skills for years, he’s not going to fight with you on directions. He will simply use Google Maps and spend more time with you.

Reason 9 – He’s straightforward

Programmers might be the shy type, but they’re supremely straightforward. So, if they’re feeling something, they’re bound to tell you on the face. While it might not be what you always want, you can trust this man to be truthful to you.

Reason 10 – He’s committed

If all these reasons don’t have you convinced, this last one surely will. All his human skills make him perfect boyfriend material and his rationale will make him a mature, and sensible partner. But a defining feature of programmers is that they’re committed. The most talented programmers don’t necessarily have the highest paying jobs. They choose the projects that touch them at an emotional level, and they work with them, while they could be making much more money. Once he’s committed to you, no pretty girl can lure him away from you. He’s yours, he’s a keeper.