Chuwi Hi 10 plus tablet review-a low cost dual boot tablet with great performance

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The Hi10 Plus from Chuwi feels solid and well built, weighing in at 686g. It has a nice form factor too, slim at 8.5 mm. I like its solid metal exterior and brushed satin finish. The 10.8 inch screen has a 3:2 ratio and 1920 x 1280 resolution with Gen8 HD graphics.

Like other tablets I have reviewed out of China, this is a dual boot tablet with Remix OS, based on Android 5.1, and Windows 10. Booting to the Windows 10 OS takes 15 seconds, booting to Android takes 30 seconds.

This is considerably faster than the Teclast Tbook 16 Pro dual tablet I reviewed last month although it has the same Intel X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 processor.

The Hi10 comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. there is an SD card slot which supports expansion up to 128GB. It has an 8400mAh battery which will last you six hours.

There are 2MP front and rear cameras. I was not too impressed with the camera or video resolution. if you are using this for web conferencing or occasional picture taking, then it is adequate. Serious camera users should consider a 5MP camera as a minimum.

It has USB-C, HDMI, micro USB, and an audio port which you will need to use to get decent sound. The speakers are a bit tinny.

The detachable keyboard accessory from Chuwi and HiPen H2 stylus turn this tablet into something special. The keyboard, costing $39.99, takes the best features from the Surface Pro keyboard and the iPad case and melds them together.

Chuwi Hi 10 plus tablet review-a low cost dual boot tablet and PC with great performance ZDNet

CHUWI Hi10 Plus/Vi10 Plus Keyboard Case

The stand is covered with fabric to give grip when using the tablet and keyboard with stand on your lap. The keys are firm and solid and the keyboard / tablet interface is secure. Typing is accurate and more than fast enough to keep up with my typing.

The stylus, also an optional extra at $19.99, is well designed, with two extra stylus tips provided. Within two minutes of using it, I preferred it to using my fingers.

It switches on and off by a button on the clip and is charged by a micro USB cable (not supplied) into the socket at the top of the pen.

It also switches off automatically after a period of time – useful if you tend to forget you have switched the pen on. My only gripe is that there is nowhere to clip or store the stylus with the case. It clips to the outside of the case flap when it is closed.

The Remix OS is fast. I could run 6 or 7 apps concurrently without any lag. Switching from Android to Windows or vice versa was simple and quick. It is a nice clean interface.

The tablet is a really good buy at under $200. I would recommend that you also purchased the keyboard / cover as a minimum to turn this tablet into a very nice laptop.

The stylus is a ‘nice to have’ if you have sausage fingers, but if you are prone to losing pens, you had better keep this one on a cord.

The Hi10 certainly gets my vote for a low cost tablet with all the features you need for work and play.


Sleek, solid metal casing
Fast boot to dual OS
Excellent keyboard and stylus options


Tinny sounding speakers
Poor camera resolution

Source: Zdnet.