Professional Dating: Why you should date a software engineer

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Love is in the air and everyone is celebrating the feeling of companionship. But as we speak, there’s a software engineer out there, attending a developer conference, to keep his mind occupied and distracted from his single status. While all his friends are raving about their plans for their valentines, this software engineer is probably hacking away to keep his mind off this silly nonsense (not that everyone thinks this).

Now if you’re a girl reading this, you’re probably thinking – Programmers? You mean like, a nerd? Why would anyone want to date them?

This post is not professional dating sites’ review, it’s about 10 reasons why you should date a software engineer (programmer).

Reason 1 – The stereotype is not true

Internet memes have done programmers a great deal of wrong. This is absolutely biased! In fact, programmers have normal lives, friends, and enjoy the things everyone else does. Yes, there are extreme cases, but it’s like just that unbelievably good-looking guy who spends way too much time at the gym.

Reason 2 – He’s probably very clever

You must admit that the programmer is very likely to be a learned guy. He can charm you with his razor-sharp intellect and crack you up with his witty and intelligent sense of humor. Also, he’s definitely going to win your friends over by not being a complete nut. But of course, you could choose brawn over brain, and be in a situation like this.

Reason 3 – He’s multifaceted

Programming is multidisciplinary and your programmer date is going to know about a lot more things than just coding. From talking about the latest celebrity gossip, you can effortlessly glide into a conversation about his impeccable taste in music (that has kept him company over many coding hours) to that awesome Spaghetti Bolognese he cooked the other day. Every programmer I’ve met till date has had some hobby he’s really good at.

Reason 4 – He’s probably rich

Computer science jobs are one of the highest paying ones in the world, in almost any part of the world. Your programmer date has a very high chance of being significantly well off, so you are assured of a posh place for dinner, AND you don’t have to worry about getting out your purse. Ever.

Reason 5 – He’s grateful

Thanks to the geek image that the programmer has carried for almost all his life, if you were to go out on a date with this guy, you’re probably his first. While he’s bound to goof up a few dating 101s, he’s going to treat you like a princess. Every little thing you do will be magic to this guy, and it will take a long, long time before your charm wears off on him.